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Thank you for the call today.  I started our conversation being defensive and upset but by the time we hung up I had an overwhelming feeling of peace and calmness.  Your words struck a cord deep inside me and for that I am most appreciative!  I've wondered what it would feel like to be touched by God's spirit and now I think that I know. Diane, I truly appreciate your words and your intentions, and I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with you!  I've never had anyone say directly to me that 'God Loves You', and I never realized how powerful those words are until today.   

Curt - Dallas, Texas



I was in a Dove Meeting in Mt. Pleasant where I sowed $100.00 offering and gave $10.00 for tapes of the service that evening.  Apostle Diane Nutt spoke a 1000 fold return over my offering.  The next week my husband got a bid for over $110,000.00 on a job that he was doing. 

Julie - Mt. Pleasant



Minister Diane Nutt's gentleness and Word based counsel exude a powerful anointing.  While she ministered to me, yokes were broken.  I knew damage was done in the heavenlies regarding my circumstances.  Minister Diane spoke prophetically about me having ministry with crippled children. The Lord used me to minister to the autistic child.  My breakthrough to a higher realm came, and the joy of my salvation is restored.  Minister Diane is a blessing as she allows the Holy Spirit to move through her.

Shelley - Gary, Indiana



Sylvia writes in from Mt. Pleasant:  I was in a Dove Meeting and Prophet Diane Nutt had spoken a 1000 fold return over the offering that had been taken up that night.  I had sowed $25.00 and within two weeks, the Lord had blessed me with over $25,000.00.



Dear Apostle Nutt, There have been so few in the Body of Christ show forth His love, thus we have never believed it.  But, Praise God, that's changing, I am getting it.  All of my life, I've lived in condemnation.  It seems there have always been those who delighted in keeping you there.  I've never felt any condemnation coming from the pulpit or even talking to you personally, only the Love of God, which is setting me free!  The freedom I'm walking in is something I did not know was available.  What joy there is in Him!  The price you've paid has to have been high, but thank God you said yes and I know you will continue to do so.  The Lord is using your life to paint a beautiful picture of His love.  Thank you for sitting at His feet long enough for that portrait to be painted. 

Margaret - Georgia


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